Release Notes - SPHIREOS-241


  • [LW-365] - Redirect on upstream proxied traffic loads inconsistently
  • [LW-628] - Block pages and login pages do not work with upstream proxy settings
  • [LW-802] - The School Manager outage when QoS enabled issue
  • [LW-883] - Fix buffer overflow in DnsMessage::__parse_questions
  • [LW-904] - Fix memory leak in SFwallCore/Alias.cpp
  • [LW-905] - Fix memory corruption/leak in SFwallCore/NFQueueBridgePacketPipeline.cpp
  • [LW-906] - Fix memory leak in Utils/NRoute.cpp
  • [LW-907] - Fix memory leak in Utils/NetworkChangeNotifier.cpp
  • [LW-911] - [upstream proxy]When set the nf_conntrack_max entry the nf_conntrack module is not loaded at that time
  • [LW-913] - [QoS] Token bucket expiry time is not correctly processed
  • [LW-915] - [sqclient] When met a NULL packet we need to pop it or the process will run into a dead cycle
  • [LW-918] - Device crash when running pcap
  • [LW-926] - Potential memory corruption when reading DNS packets.
  • [LW-929] - [PING] Sometimes "sphirewalld" received signal SIGABRT when PING
  • [LW-932] - Fix memory leak in Utils/DhcpServer.cpp
  • [LW-968] - Captive Portal not kicking in if Disabled


  • [LW-730] - Quic should be blocked when features impacted by it are enabled.
  • [LW-839] - Add configuration option of Student Auto Enrolment