Release Notes -  SPHIREOS-240


  • [LW-529] - DirectIP signature should only match IP addresses
  • [LW-797] - There is a warning when run autoreconf for sphirewall-core
  • [LW-798] - [sphirewall kernel] Let the sphirewall kernel project could be compiled with linux kernel version later or equal than 4.20
  • [LW-805] - [E2] Clear old states and active connections in MITM
  • [LW-825] - SM Safe Network probe fails due to missing Content-type header
  • [LW-873] - Schools using upstream proxy cannot upgrade to SphireOS 240
  • [LW-875] - If filtering is disabled for Off School Manager Network, the extension is disabled while on network


  • [LW-621] - [E2] Eliminate double reporting resulting from FZ Agent Traffic being bypassed by Sphirewall


  • [LW-774] - [E3] Support MZ Agent filtering configuration on SphireOS
  • [LW-826] - Add API support to Sphirewall to get all MITM states
  • [LW-836] - [E1] Stop aggressive spamming of MITM logs