There are some important steps to take to ensure a device enrolled in Device Manager is running the correct Mobile Zone configuration.

If your device is already running Mobile Zone, it needs to have the app and existing profile removed so that the correct version is auto-installed by the Device Manager server.


1. On the iOS device, enter the settings screen -> General and check for any existing MDM profile.

This may be a previous MDM solution used at your school, or the Family Zone Mobile Zone MDM profile.

Delete the existing MDM profile by selecting it and selecting "Remove Management"

2. Next, find the existing "Mobile Zone" app on the device.

Long press the app, and select the 'x' to remove it from the device by selecting "Delete".

NOTE: This step is important as it allows Device Manager to re-install the Mobile Zone app after enrolment, which includes app configuration to ensure re-enrolment is synced with Device Manager.

3. Proceed to enrol the device into Device Manager by installing the device manager profile

This can be installed via the unique link for your school or using the QR code for your school.

See article How to enrol an iOS device for details

4. Once enrolled, ensure the Mobile Zone app is auto installed

5. Once the new copy of Mobile Zone has been auto-installed, it will need to be re-assigned to the student

(the parent should open the Mobile Zone app and sign in to allocate to their child).