Device Manager extends the Family Zone solution stack for your school to managing a fleet of BYO or school owned devices.

Device Manager provides 100% supports to the BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) strategy by allowing students to bring their personal devices to schools for studying purposes. The ultimate goal is “One Student One Device”. 

Comprehensive mobile device management for all student devices.  

Device Manager’s easy-to-navigate dashboard gives admins unparalleled visibility and control over any student device, on any operating system. 

Device Manager displays an inventory of all devices, including full user profiles, location, activated features and installed applications. 

Device Manager’s advanced functionality allows schools to:

  • View a detailed inventory of every student device: BYOD, school-supplied and personal smartphones included

  • Flexibly create and manage “labels” - or group profiles - based on device type, year group or any other classification

  • Load and push out required apps and licenses for easy download through Device Manager’s School App Store.

Device Manager is integrated into the Family Zone ecosystem, providing visibility across devices in SCP and auto BYO profile creation when Mobile Zone apps are registered.