The document communicates new features and bug fixes in this release of School Zone.  

The main feature of this release is the introduction of the RAPID web filter engine which improves SchoolZone’s ability to scale and support current web technologies such as HTTP 1.1 and 2.0. 


This is a General Availability (GA) release incorporating a new web filter engine and bug fixes to Sonar 5.1.0 and new features to Mynet 1.0.2.

The Family Zone Reactive Asynchronous Packet Intercept and Delivery (RAPID) mode proxy is a

newly developed SONAR module, which provides a non-blocking connection handling proxy

solution to deliver:

1. Content filtering at large scale;

2. A fully transparent mode;

3. As a bridging device;

4. Allowing drop in deployment to the customer edge or distribution layer.


This product has been tested on the following Base Operating Systems:

  • CentOS 6.8


  • A server compatible with the listed base Operating Systems

  • At least 24 GB RAM available to the host Operating System

    • (32 GB RAM is recommended)

  • 300 (min) GB HDD space is required.


As always, we recommend performing a backup_os prior to upgrading your system.

The specific component versions are as follows: 

Sonar v5.1.0

  • sonar-5.1.0-14227

  • sonar-tools-1.0.2-16

  • sonar-info-daemon-2.0.0-58_g8df62

Requirements: A current version of Sonar 3.5.3 GA ( or newer) must be installed. 

NOTE: If upgrading from Sonar 3.5.3, we recommend following the process outlined in our MyNet Preparation guide to ensure a seamless transition to the new MyNet platform.

MyNet v1.0.2

  • mynet-1.0.2-1.g9df1d

  • mynet-api-1.0.2-6.g32063

  • mynet-core-1.0.2-34.gba440

  • mynet-sonar-1.0.2-15.gf4569

  • mynet-ui-1.0.2-4.g31624

NOTE: If upgrading from a current MyNet instance, the software upgrade can be performed by issuing the command: yum update mynet from the command line.

For further details, including upgrade procedures, please contact the Family Zone support team. 


  • RAPID Web engine capable of high scalability ( 30,000 users + ) and improved web protocol support.

  • TPROXY mode which persists client IP addresses traversing SchoolZone.

  • Admin UI now allows ordering of rules without needing to go into Inheritance


The following bug fixes appear in this release:

Improved SAN duplication when SSL inspecting, SchoolZone will compare certificate fingerprints instead of domain name.
Improved indexing and schema of reporting database to reduce size and maintenance overheads.
Changed email quarantine notifications to link to MyNet instead of MySonar.
Fixed issue where MyNet SSL certificates would not renew if using LetsEncrypt.