This is a General Availability (GA) release incorporating bug fixes to Sonar 5.0.3 and new features to Mynet 1.0.2.


As always, we recommend performing a backup_os and a backup_logs prior to upgrading your system.

The specific component versions are as follows: 

Sonar v5.0.3

  • sonar-5.0.3-14121
  • sonar-tools-1.0.2-16

  • sonar-info-daemon-2.0.0-58_g8df62

Requirements: A current version of Sonar 3.5.3 GA ( or newer) must be installed. 

NOTE: If upgrading from Sonar 3.5.3, we recommend following the process outlined in our MyNet Preparation guide to ensure a seamless transition to the new MyNet platform.

MyNet v1.0.2

  • mynet-1.0.2-1.g9df1d

  • mynet-api-1.0.2-6.g32063

  • mynet-core-1.0.2-27-gce3a1

  • mynet-sonar-1.0.2-15-gf4569

  • mynet-ui-1.0.2-4.g31624


The following bug fixes appear in this release:

  • MYN-651: Updated outdated JWT dependency. Code fix is in MyNet-UI component.
  • MYN-653: Removed redundant indices on the web_access_log database table. This saves an approximate of 23% of disk space.
  • SNR-2779: Fixed a bug in the LDAP directory service. The service was failing to get username when the name has a comma
  • SNR-2733: Fixed a fresh desk issue - Not all the SAN in the list of alternate names in the generated cert for ssl inspection.
  • SNR-2771: Fixed Mynet login table sync issue. The login table and user table in Sonar config database were out of sync due to this bug.
  • SNR-2776: Improvement - Scheduled the delete script before the repack inorder for the process to be more efficient.