The document communicates new features and bug fixes in this release of School Zone.  

Importantly, with this release School Zone provides key integration with the broader Family Zone platform. In particular this release fixes some small bugs and builds on the initial phase of integration to the Mobile Zone solution providing a visual representation of the student population’s level of engagement in Family Zone Cyber Safety as well as statistics and reporting on the installation of Apps across student devices (whether used at school, at home or when mobile) including highlighting risky apps. 


This is a General Availability (GA) release incorporating bug fixes to Sonar 5.0.3 and new features to Mynet 1.0.2.


As always, we recommend performing a backup_os and a backup_logs prior to upgrading your system.

The specific component versions are as follows: 

Sonar v5.0.3

  • sonar-5.0.3-14039
  • sonar-tools-1.0.2-16

  • sonar-info-daemon-2.0.0-58_g8df62

Requirements: A current version of Sonar 3.5.3 GA ( or newer) must be installed. 

NOTE: If upgrading from Sonar 3.5.3, we recommend following the process outlined in our MyNet Preparation guide to ensure a seamless transition to the new MyNet platform.

MyNet v1.0.2

  • mynet-1.0.2-1.g9df1d

  • mynet-api-1.0.2-1.gc40e9

  • mynet-core-1.0.2-27-gce3a1

  • mynet-sonar-1.0.2-13-ge8265

  • mynet-ui-1.0.2-3.g29f83


The following bug fixes appear in this release:

  • Fixed issue where ‘User is Already Logged Off’ is displayed during when a bypass ticket is used
  • Optimised reporting for Web Searches to be inline with Web Browsing reports (n days)
  • Fixed issue where Letsencrypt certificate was not auto-renewing 
  • Fixed issue where quarantined mail in MyMail was not showing all emails for users with multiple email addresses in LDAP
  • Fixed issue where exception list HTTPS sites were being blocked when SSL was disabled
  • Fixed issue where  AD Passthrough Agent would not re-enabling after service restart
  • Fixed issue where sometimes MyNet Guest ticket would give Null Pointer errors 
  • Fixed issue where MyNet instances would lose connectivity, producing errors in UI
  • Fixed issue where site exceptions were not allowed through when uncategorized