On some occasions, mail going through Sonar may have issues being passed through, whether it be because it's been marked as SPAM, an email address has been typed in wrongly, or Sonar cannot reach the remote mail server. There can be a number of different reasons why mail has failed, or is stuck in the queue.

The first step you should take in troubleshooting mail in Sonar is check the mail logs. The mail logs in Sonar are very detailed and generally always tell you what went wrong when trying to process the email.



In Sonar's GUI, navigate to Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Mail Failed. Click the tick boxes for the fields you want to search under. 

  • From will filter emails by the SENDER of the email. 
  • Start Date will filter emails by the date you select. This will show any emails that have come through from that date onwards.
  • To will filter emails by the RECEIVER of the email. 
  • End Date will filter emails by the date you select. This will show any emails that have come through up until that date you've selected. 
  • Subject will filter emails based on their subject line.
  • Reason will filter emails based on how Sonar classified or filtered the emails. Successful emails will be classified as "Passcheck" and Quarantined emails will be classified as "ReputationCheck" for example. 

Mail Failed will only show emails that have failed through the Sonar mail proxy. If you want to search for emails that have both succeeded and/or failed, you will want to search in the Archive tab.

Once you have found the emails you're looking for (by using the filter options then clicking "Get/Refresh" down the bottom) you can right click the email in the list and click "View Log". The log will show you all the details of how Sonar went about processing the particular email, from which profile it used, to the virus and heuristic scanner checks it makes on the email before the Delivery Process happens. 


Understanding some portions of the mail logs may look intimidating and overly complicated. Don't worry though, there's no need for you to understand the entire log file, or half the things that it's showing. The only thing you'd want to look out for is any errors or failure indicators that show within the log, which will most likely be show at the end of the log. A good example is shown below:

As you can see, an email was addressed to someone at "dacosta@mail.net2000.com.au". Sonar has indicated that the user us unknown, this could mean that the email address does not exist. Sonar has then shown that it cannot talk to the remote server, meaning that it is trying to reach a server to deliver the mail that does not exist, or isn't giving permission for Sonar to connect to deliver the mail. 

Of course, not all failures in the log will be the same, but this is simply a good example or indication of what you'd want to be looking for in the logs when you find that mail is not going through Sonar.