Your Sonar mail can be handled in different ways. In a working environment, it is important that users have access to a management tool that allows them to check for any emails that they have received or any SPAM that they need to check.

If Sonar has been set up in your organisation to serve as an SMTP proxy server to protect against spam and email viruses, your users can check for any emails that are pending or have been quarantined by Sonar. They can also add email addresses to their personal trusted and blocked lists.

Sonar offers two ways for users to manage their email:

  • Via MySonar using the "MyMail" portal. 
  • Via the separate online web client portal.


The MySonar portal comes with a tab which reads "MyMail". If users visit the MyMail portal, they can view all their pending and quarantined emails, as well as their trusted and blocked lists. From here, they can release or delete unwanted emails and control who they want to block or trust.

The MyMail portal is generally only accessible internally, as users must be going through the Sonar Proxy in order to access the MySonar features altogether.


The Sonar Mail Management portal is a separate tool available to users that does not require authentication against Sonar. The functions are essentially identical to the MyMail portal in MySonar.

When accessing the page, however, users will be requested to enter their username and password in order to log in. The great advantage of the Mail Management Portal however is that it can be accessed even when you're outside the network, at home, or on the road. You can simply add a link to the mail management portal via your organisation's website. The full address of the client email servlet is as follows:

http://<sonar's IP address>/servlet/SonarClientEmailServlet