While Sonar provides default inbound and outbound mail profiles for users, there will also be times where separate mail profiles for different faculties are required. Adding new profiles are easy. In the Sonar GUI, navigate to Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Profiles and click "Add New". You can name the new profile to whatever you like, and Sonar will create the profile for you, with all the default settings.  


Here comes the customisation part. You can right click the new profile you added, and "Edit". By default, all settings in the profile are default settings. You are free to change these at your own desire. The only setting you have to be aware of is "SMTP gateway" for the custom inbound profile, and "SMTP outgoing address" for the outgoing profile. 


If you wish to make these new profiles your default inbound and outbound profiles, navigate to Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Settings and scroll down for "default_inbound_profile_name=" and "default_outbound_profile_name=" and change it to the names of the custom profiles you created.

If you want to apply these custom profiles to certain groups, you will have to do that at a group level. Here are some steps to follow in order to apply these profiles to groups or users:

  1. In the Sonar GUI, navigate to Groups, and double-click. This will open the Maintain Groups window. 
  2. Click "Add New" down the bottom of the window. This will give you settings to create a new group. 
  3. Enter a group name. Something like "Students_SMTP" or "Staff_SMTP".
  4. Change Group Type from Authenticated to SMTP. Click OK to accept. 

The first thing you'll notice is that the SMTP group is slightly different from a regular group. A lot of the tabs and settings present in an Authenticated Group is not present in an SMTP group. The main reason for this is because they're not needed.

  1. In the new SMTP group, navigate to the "Rules" tab. You'll notice two settings here, "Inbound Profile" and "Outbound Profile". 
  2. From these two options you'll notice some drop-down menus. It's here you can select from the custom profiles you created. 
  3. To assign users to this group, it's as simple as the process of syncing a normal group. Click on "Auth Servers", select the appropriate server, associate the group with the correct one in LDAP, and hit "sync". This will sync users into that group, and apply the SMTP profiles to those users.