One of the great features of Sonar is that you can monitor a user's traffic live as they browse the internet. This is handled in the Monitor -> User section in the Sonar GUI.


  1. Navigate to Monitor -> User in the Sonar GUI. A new window will appear.
  2. In the left hand panel, it will show a list of all users currently online. Only online users will appear in this list, but you can toggle this by unchecking the "Active Users Only" option.
  3. Using the list, or the Search function, you can find which user you want to monitor. Select that user in the list, and hit "Run". Their traffic will start populating on the right hand side.

Important note: ONLY traffic through the Proxy will appear in this Monitoring tool on Sonar. If the user is going direct out to the internet, bypassing the proxy, their traffic is not logged and therefore not tracked by Sonar, which means their traffic will not appear in the Monitor.

If you want to view past history of a user's web traffic, you can run a report, which can be accessed from the GUI, under Reports -> Web (see Crafting a Detailed Web Report).

If you have any other questions regarding Monitoring and User Traffic, you can contact Blue Reef Support for more information.