If you have 2 Sonar appliances, chances are you're going to want to use one of them as a backup Sonar in case anything happens to the first one. If this is indeed the case, then you're obviously going to want both boxes to have the same settings for groups and users. This can be achieved with Server Replication.


Navigate to System -> Server Replication and double click. This will open up a window. In it, you'll see an empty list on the left as well as some fields to enter data in on the right. 

  1. Click "Add New"
  2. In the Server IP field, enter in the IP of the BACKUP/SECONDARY SONAR appliance. 
  3. In the Port field, enter in 80, which is the default port. 
  4. Scheme can remain as the default, http
  5. Allow Licence Pooling can remain unticked, however, if it is enabled, both boxes will be utilising the licence pool you have for users. This is generally only necessary when you are running both Sonar's concurrently with one another. 

On the Secondary Sonar, navigate to System -> Server Replication and do the same steps as above, EXCEPT, when placing in the Server IP, enter in the IP of the PRIMARY SONAR appliance.

Next, we want to ensure that all group and user settings are successfully replicated across both boxes. This means, that any change you make on one appliance, will be made on the other appliance as well. 

  1. Navigate to Groups in Sonar, and double click. This will bring up the Maintain Groups window. 
  2. Highlight and click the first group in the list. You'll see a tickbox under Settings -> Privileges labelled Allow Replication. This must be ticked. 
  3. Continue to go through each of the groups and enable the Allow Replication box. EVERY user group you want replicated must have this setting enabled. 
  4. System Type Groups do not have that setting

On the Secondary Sonar, be sure to do the same. Every group you allowed replication for on the Primary Sonar must have allow replication on the Secondary Sonar as well, or group settings won't replicate.

For clarification, the following list is what gets replicated during Server Replication:

  1. Creating New Groups
  2. All Group Settings and Constraints
  3. All Group Billing information
  4. All Group Web Filtering Settings
  5. All Group User Session data usage
  6. Unblock URLs
  7. Bypass Tickets

Firewall Rules and Group Firewall Rules ARE NOT replicated across servers at this time. We understand that it's an issue at the moment and we are working towards resolving that, but as a work around, any new firewall rules that are created on one Sonar Appliance must be manually recreated on the other Sonar Appliance.