There can be a time when you need to change Sonar's IP address, whether it be because of network restructuring, or just a general IP change. Fortunately, changing Sonar's IP is simple and very straight forward. 


In the Sonar GUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces. This will show you all of Sonar's currently configured interfaces. Depending on which IP you wish to change, select the interface you want and click "Edit". This will allow the appropriate fields to be edited. Once the edit has been complete, click "Update" and "Sync". This will bring the interfaces down and back up again to apply the changes.


If you want to ADD a new interface to Sonar, all you need to do is head into Network -> Interfaces in the Sonar GUI, and click "Add New". Select the Interface Type you want to configure (VLAN, Routed Primary, Bridged, etc), give the interface a name, and enter in the IP address and Subnet mask. Click OK to accept and then Sync to apply the changes.