To add an interface to Sonar, in the GUI, navigate to Network -> Interfaces. This will bring up a list of all the interfaces on Sonar currently.


  1. Click "Add New" to bring up the configuration for the interface. 
  2. For interface type, choose from the drop-down menu what type of interface it will be. If you're adding a brand new interface, leave it as default "Routed Primary". If you're adding an additional IP to an existing interface, choose "Routed Alias". You also have VLAN Primary and VLAN Alias for VLAN interfaces if need be. 
  3. Give the interface a meaningful name, such as "Internal Network" for example. 
  4. Enter the IP address in the respective field as well as the subnet mask. 
  5. MTU can be left at default. 
  6. Under the Interfaces drop-down menu, select which interface you are adding (example, eth0, eth1. eth2 etc.)
  7. If you want to disable the interface after creation, you can set the "State" to On or Off at the top. 
  8. Click OK to finish

After you have added the interface, you'll notice the Sync button has changed to red. This indicates changes has been made and that you'll have to sync the interfaces in order for the changes to take effect.

Note: Syncing the interfaces will cause a temporary interrupting to network traffic, so be sure that you do it at a time where the network is not in use much.