Occasionally, there may be a time where you'll need to hunt through old emails to find something. Sonar stores all its old email in the mail archive, a period of which, can be specified in the DB Maintenance option in the Sonar GUI, under System -> DB Maintenance. It is here that you can specify how long Sonar keeps its data in the database. By default, all email archives are set to a 365 day retention period.

In the GUI, navigate to Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Archive, from here, you can begin your search for any old emails using the filters. Each of the filters have their own checkbox which need to be ticked to enable that particular filter:

  • From - you can enter an email address or part of an email address in here to find all emails in the archive that you've received emails from.
  • To - you can specify emails sent to a certain person if this option is enabled.
  • Subject - Search for emails based on the email subject
  • Start Date - Search for emails from a particular start date. Click the [...] button to pick the date to start your search from.
  • End Date - Specifying an end date for your search period. If you don't specify an end date, the search will end at the present day.
  • Reason -  Search or specify the reason. Reason is things like "PassCheck" or "ReputationCheck". Emails that have been passed through or marked as spam.
  • Status - Specifying the status of the email. You can choose which from the drop-down menu.

Using these filters to you can search and filter all your old emails in the archive for any particular email or group of emails that were sent or received in the past 365 days, or however many days has been set in the DB Maintenance option.