If Sonar is acting as your mail filter, there may be a time when a legitimate email from a trusted friend or colleague is marked as SPAM, for whatever reason. This is where Sonar's Trust DB comes in handy. Users can add emails into their own personal Trust DB, which is essentially their own whitelist. Here, anyone or any email that has been placed into the Trust DB will bypass all filtering and checks offered by Sonar as it filters mail. There are a few areas where users can add emails into their Trust DB:


  1. Get users to log into MySonar (if you have it set up). If you don't have MySonar set up for your users, you can go to http://<sonar's IP or hostname>/servlet/SonarClientEmailServlet which is a standalone servlet of the MyMail feature in MySonar (also, accessible externally).
  2. Users will log into this using their username and password on Sonar (their Domain log in essentially).
  3. You should now be in Sonar Mail Management. From here, you will see four options: Pending, Quarantine,Trusted and Blocked. 
  4. To add an email to your whitelist/trusted list, click "Trusted". Here, you will see an email address field, and an "Add" button. Simply enter the email address into the field and click "Add". This will place the email in a whitelist for that user only. 
  5. Alternatively, to BLOCK an unwanted email address, click the "Block" button and emails can be added into the block list the same way as entering an email in for Trusted. Email addresses placed here will be blocked for only that user as well.


  1. Alternatively, email addresses can be added to the Trust DB and Block list in the Sonar GUI, however, this is only available to admins who have access to the GUI. 
  2. In the GUI, navigate to Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Trust DB -> Trusted Email
  3. Here, the global trust list and block list will be displayed. This means that ANY user who has whitelisted an email, will appear in this list. Essentially, it is the master list. You can add or remove email addresses from here as well. 
  4. Under Network -> Proxies -> SMTP -> Trust DB -> Blocked Email, is the master block list. Any user who have blocked an email address will appear in here. You are free to add or remove email addresses from this list also. 

If you require any other assistance with mail lists such as white-lists or block lists, feel free to contact Blue Reef Support for further enquiries.