When Adding/Removing/Altering interfaces on Sonar, you will need to navigate to "Network -> Interfaces"

To Add a new interface, click the "Add New" button. The options are as follows:

  • State: On/Off - You have the ability to turn on/off the interface depending on your needs
  • Interface Type:
    • Routed Primary - This one is the most commonly used interface. It purely places an IP address on the system with the ability to route traffic if necessary
      • Routed Alias - This is used in the event that you want to place a secondary IP address on the same interface withing the same subnet. Userful for if you are retiring an older system and you want to make sure that Sonar has both the old and new IP addresses at the same time.
      • Bridged Primary - Usually used if you want either a stealth firewall between your systems or if you want to bridge multiple networks together.
      • Bridged Alias - Used if you want to place a secondary IP address on the system with an existing primary bridged interface.
      • VLAN Primary - Used if you have a VLAN network and you require a Sonar to honour tagged VLANs
      • VLAN Alias - Used if you already have a VLAN primary interface and you need a secondary IP address on that same VLAN in the same Subnet.
    • PPPoE - Used if you want Sonar to provide the PPPoE authentication to your ISP (usually for DSL connections)
  • Interface Label: A Friendly name for this interface (eg. "iiNet connection ADSL 2+" or "Curriculum leg")
  • IP Address: The IP address of Sonar (eg.,,
  • Mask: The subnet mask of Sonar in / notation (eg. 8, 16, 24, 28, 29, 30)
  • MTU: Maximum Transmission Unit - The largest size a frame can be transmitted.
  • Interfaces: Which physical interface you want to apply the setting to.
  • Alias Number (Available if you choose "Routed/Bridged/VLAN Alias"): ┬áThe option to choose the alias number eg. eth2:2, eth1:9, etc.
  • Bridge Group (Available if you choose "Bridged Primary/Alias"): The option to choose which NICs belong to the bridge
  • Tag ID (Available if you choose "VLAN Primary/Alias"): You can enter in the VLAN ID eg 0 though 4095.
  • User Name (Available if you choose PPPoE only): Enter the username of the ADSL connection
  • Password (Available if you choose PPPoE only): Enter the password for your ADSL connection
  • Override Default Route (Available if you choose PPPoE only): Only check if you want to use this ADSL link as your default gateway

Once complete, hit the OK button. Then "Sync" once you're ready to commit the changes. If you have more than one interface change to make, don't hit "Sync" until the end. If you make changes, and want to close the interface, the system will also detect that you may want to sync the changes. If you want to want to perform route changes as well, make sure you say "No" to applying the changes.