To be able to link your DNS servers with Sonar, you will have to enter them into a configuration file in the GUI, under Network -> Name Service.


  1. Once in the Name Service option, in the drop down menu at the top, select resolv. 
  2. It is here you can enter in your DNS servers into Sonar. For example, you would type in at the top:nameserver 
  3. If you have more than one DNS Server, you can enter another one in underneath the first one, following the same as the above, just changing the IP.
  4. If you add in a new nameserver, you will have to get Sonar to re-read the Squid Configuration settings. This can easily be done by going into Network -> Cache and hitting "Apply" down the bottom.
  5. To delete an old DNS server from the list, simply delete the entry.

You can test whether or not you are using the correct DNS server by doing an nslookup in your command prompt window.