You might find that when changing a user's OU in LDAP, Sonar does a re-sync overnight to change those OUs for those users. This might cause duplicate users in Sonar to appear. If this is the case, users may experience log in issues when trying to authenticate against Sonar, as Sonar tries to log the user in under one of the usernames, but one of them won't have any active groups to log into (as you changed OUs for that user).


  1. In the GUI, navigate to Users and double click. This will bring up the Maintain Users window.
  2. You will see a tab at the top labelled "No Group Users". Click this tab.
  3. Here, you will see all the users who are currently not in any groups on Sonar. If you changed a user's OU, the "old" usernames will most likely appear here.
  4. You can select all the users in the list by hitting Ctrl+A then the "Delete" button below. Please not if there are a lot of users in the list, it may take a long time for the users to be deleted.
  5. Once users have been deleted, checked your users list back in the "Settings" tab, and from the drop-down menu on the far left, underneath "Search Group" change it from All Users to Duplicate Users. If you still have any duplicate users, they will appear in here, but if you removed them all, it will appear empty.

And that's it! If you've done everything correctly, users should have no more issues logging and authenticating against Sonar.