Something that Sonar can manage is multiple logons for Users. Multiple logons can be enabled at a Group level (for everyone in the group) or individually at a User level. 

So what are the benefits of enabling Multiple Logons? Or perhaps disadvantages?

  • By enabling Multiple Logons, Users can authenticate to Sonar on more than one device, and browse simultaneously across those devices.
  • By disabling Multiple Logons, Users can only authenticate against one device and no others, meaning that they will only be able to browse on their mobile device or a Desktop Computer. In order to authenticate to another device, they need to un-authenticate on their current device then re-authenticate to the next one.

Currently, Sonar does not support the ability to specify how many devices a user can authenticate to. We can only allow Authentication against a single device, or multiple.

To enable Multiple Logons at a Group Level, navigate to Groups -> The name of the Group you want to allow Multiple Logons for -> Settings -> Constraints. There is a tickbox for Multiple Logons at the bottom there. This will allow the setting for all Users in the group.

To enable Multiple Logons for a single User only, navigate to Users and double click to open the Maintain Users window. If you select a User in that window an option for Multiple Logons will be available for that User in their settings.

If you have any other questions, you can contact Blue Reef Support for more information.