In order for you to be able to sync LDAP users to Sonar groups, you have to add an Active Directory Server to Sonar. This can be done quite easily, and the steps to do so are detailed below:

  1. In the Sonar GUI Navigate to Network -> Authentication Servers.
  2. Under the Servers Tab, click the "Add New" button down the bottom. This will allow you to input data into the fields above.
  3. Enter in your Server Name.
  4. Select the Server Type from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter in your AD Server's IP address (if you have more than one, you will have to add it in as a separate server).
  6. Type should be "Simple" and Port should be 389. These are default settings.
  7. Enter in the Base DN, for example, it should be something like "DN=school, DC=edu, DC=au".
  8. The User DN field can be any user on LDAP, Sonar just needs a bind user to be able to authenticate with the LDAP server.
  9. Enter the appropriate password for the bind user you entered in the field above.
  10. To test whether Sonar can communicate with the AD Server and successfully get data, hit the "Fetch DNs" button. If successful, you should see a list of Base DNs appear.

If all was done correctly, you should be able to Sync the server with Sonar. If you hit the Sync button, you should get a "LDAP Sync was successful".