MyClassroom is a powerful tool when it comes to self-management. Essentially, with MyClassroom enabled, Teachers have the power to control web browsing and access through MySonar and MyClassroom with the utilisation of Bypass Tickets


A Bypass Ticket is a tool which allows Teachers to provide students with the ability to go out to the internet as well as monitor which users are using the ticket that has been generated. The ticket is simply a string of random letters and numbers which can be entered into the Block Page for sites that have otherwise been blocked. Both the ability to generate tickets and the option to enter in a Bypass Ticket code must be first enabled for the appropriate user groups on Sonar. 


MyClassroom can be enabled in the Sonar GUI, under the appropriate Group. In the desired Group on Sonar, go to Settings -> Privileges and you'll notice an option that says "Allow Filter Changes". Next to this there is an [...] ellipsis button. Click this to bring up a new window. 

"mysonar_bypass" is the option to enable for MyClassroom. This will enable to "MyClassroom" Tab in MySonar when Teachers visit the MySonar Portal. With this option ticked, Teachers will be able to generate Bypass tickets.


The most common users of Bypass Tickets are Students. A Teacher would generate a Bypass Tickets and provide that code to Students, who will then enter that code into the appropriate field in the Block Page, if available to them. In the Student Group, navigate to Settings -> Privileges and click the [...] ellipsis button next to "Allow Filter Changes" (this does not have to be ticked and it shouldn't be for students). 


The highlighted option above "block_page_bypass" should be ticked and will open up a text field box on the Block Page to allow Students to enter in the Bypass ticket that has been generated by teachers. Once entered, Students will have access to the blocked site.



Teachers can select the validity of each ticket before generating them. Currently, only pre-set times are available for selection and we cannot customise the time each ticket will be valid for. Current pre-set times available are:

  • 15 Minutes

  • 45 Minutes

  • 60 Minutes

  • 120 Minutes

The time limit for the ticket begins once the user has entered the Bypass Ticket into the Block Page.


Bypass Tickets do what they are essentially named for: bypass the filter. While using a bypass ticket willbypass filtering for that Group of users using it, you can prevent them from abusing this privilege by blocking all the bad sites you definitely do not want them to visit with the POLICY GROUP on Sonar. This Global Filtering group applies to all users and is not bypass-able by any means. Anything blocked in the Policy Group is permanently blocked and even Bypass Tickets will not bypass sites blocked in that group.

Another thing to ensure is that Teachers do not have "block_page_bypass" enabled in their own filter options in their Group settings. This will mean that users who can generate bypass tickets will be able to generate bypass tickets and use it for themselves without limit. If you do not want this to happen, ensure that this option is not ticked.