While Sonar offers many content filtering options using pre-filled filtering categories frequently updated by CommTouch, there might be times where you want to have a custom list of sites blocked or allowed. This can be done by utilizing custom lists in Sonar.

Navigate to the group you want to create a custom list for. Depending on what you want to do (block or allow), select which filtering option you want to edit. If you want to create a custom block list, select the ellipsis button next to "Site Filtering" and it will bring up a window. with "two" columns.

On the left hand side is a list of all the filtering categories that ARE NOT applied to the group. If they are moved over to the right-hand side column that means they WILL BE applied to the group. To add a new list, click "Add New". Here, you can enter in a name for the custom list. Once that has been done, you can scroll down to the bottom of the left hand column to see the new list you have created. You can double click this to add content to this list (sites, domains, etc.).

The same process can be applied when creating a custom block list. For Site Filtering or Site Exceptions, only domains can be entered. For example:

  • *.google.com
  • *.facebook.com
  • *.myspace.com

Where the * is a wildcard entry, meaning anything before that domain is also included. If you want to enter URLs into the list, you will have to use URL Filtering or URL exceptions, as the Site Filtering and Site exceptions only except domains, not URLs.