The ability to change authentication types on Sonar is easily done with a few clicks of the mouse. With so many authentication options available, there can be times were some devices are more favourable to other authentication types over another. But there can be a dilemma - some mobile devices don't work well with the authentication type you have set for the rest of your network. What do you do? Simple. You can assign a separate authentication type for those devices. 


While you can set the authentication type for various subnets and devices, there is also an option to set the authentication type globally. This can be done in the Sonar GUI, under System -> System Settings. There is an option near the bottom labelled "Authentication Type" with a drop-down menu showing all the available authentication options. 

By selecting the authentication type you want, you are setting this global level, that means, every machine on your network that doesn't have an authentication type specifically 
set for them will be using this authentication type.


Apart from setting authentication at a global level, you can also manually set an authentication type for certain subnets in Sonar. This option is available in the Sonar GUI, under Network -> Authentication Servers -> Authentication Type.

Here, you'll see various options available to you, all pretty straight forward to understand. There are two drop-down menus, one for Auth Type, and one for IP(s). Auth Type specifies the Authentication Type you want to use. The IP(s) drop down menu gives you the option to choose which subnet you want to apply the Auth Type to. In order for that host or subnet to appear in the list, however, you have to create a network object for that IP or subnet under Network -> Objects in the Sonar GUI (See Adding a Network Object
). Once you have selected the network object, and the authentication type you want to apply, click the "Add" button to add it to the list. It will appear in the "Selected Auth Type" list down below. If you have more than one authentication type specified for a group of IPs in the same subnet, you can move them up and down the list with the arrow buttons on the right hand side. This specifies order priority, the higher they are on the list, means that Sonar will use that authentication type for that subnet first before anything else.