Google's safe-search is a service provided to lock down the safe-search option for schools. It works by pointing your DNS records for to specific servers that will always have the safe-search option enabled.

DNS Server Configuration

To configure your (Windows) DNS servers:

    • Go to Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> DNS

    • Right clcik Forward Lookup Zone -> New Zone ...

    • In the Wizard create a new Primary Zone

    • You will need to do this twice for Zone names: and 

    • Next, Disable dynamic updates

    • Click Next and Finish the Wizard.

    • You should now have a new entry under Foward Lookup Zones for Google.

    • Inside the zone we just created, right click and select "Other New Records..."

    • Add in a DNAME (or CNAME if you're on a Windows Server 2003) for
    • Add in a DNAME (or CNAME if your're on a Windows Server 2003) for

      (you wont need the quotation mark, but the last full stop is IMPORTANT!)

  1. The final configuration should look as below.


If you've implemented this correctly, you should see something similar to following when doing an NSLOOKUP:

c:\users\bluereef> nslookup 

Server: ns1.internal






Enforcing YouTube Restricted Mode

To enforce this for YouTube vis DNS, simply repeat the instructions above, but instead of the Zone Name, use


Host File on Sonar

If you are after an alternative way to configure this, you can also place a host resolution on Sonar.

Please note that your clients will have to have their proxy settings configured to Sonar for this to work. 

To edit the hosts file on Sonar simply navigate to Network -> Name Service -> hosts (drop down menu)) in the Sonar Adminitration application.

Once there you will most likely see something like this: localhost

Add the following two lines to get google traffic to be sent to's IP address.

This will only enforce Safe Search for the Google Australia domain name. If users go to another Google native to another country (such as, Safe search will not be forced. See List of Safe Search Google Domains for the full list.